Safety and Security is Our Philosophy

We have locks on our doors to protect our possessions. So why not install locks to protect our valuables, private possessions, and most importantly our children?

We invented LOCK PODZ™ to give everyone an easy and convenient way to protect the people and things they care about most. As a result LOCK PODZ™ are simple to install and extremely durable and able to protect the contents of your refrigerator, freezer, cabinets, and coolers from children and adults.

Each pair of LOCK PODZ™ is tested for their strength and made of high-quality material. No screws or professional installation required and as a result LOCK PODZ™ is a simple yet very effective security solution. Choose from our selection of colors to match your appliance or bring a pop of color to the room. LOCK PODZ™ can successfully function as a refrigerator lock, freezer lock, cupboard lock, filing cabinet lock, cooler lock, and more! It’s perfect for a child protection lock or a lock to keep your valuables safe.

Here are some of the reasons we thought LOCK PODZ™ were a great idea.

Some times you need something just a little more secure – As babies get bigger they also get smarter!

The Great 2017 Fridge Robbery

2011 Fridge Bandit



Lock it up with LOCK PODZ™
Refrigerator Lock

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