Lock it up with LOCK PODZ™
Refrigerator Lock

It's a Refrigerator Lock a Cabinet Lock a Cupboard Lock

Introducing an easier way to lock with LOCK PODZ™ Refrigerator Lock.

LOCK PODZ™ is not only a Refrigerator Lock.  We know safety and security is important when it comes to protecting the items in your home. While most of our homes are safe, there are often contents that need extra protection such as medication, tools, or other sensitive material like beer. Perhaps you are the parent of a young child who does not want them to accidentally get into the medication or maybe you have teenagers in the house and you wish to lock up your mini fridge that contains alcohol. Maybe you have important documents that you keep tucked away in a filing cabinet. Whatever your reason, an extra set of keys and a lock have many advantages in the home. Whether you’re baby-proofing your home or protecting your most important assets, protect the people and things that are most important to you with LOCK PODZ™. 

LOCK PODZ™ are safety locks for freezers, cabinets, coolers, refrigerators, and more! Simple, easy, and safe, LOCK PODZ™ are a versatile tool that can be used to keep many common household appliances safe and secure. The best thing about LOCK PODZ™ is that there is no drilling or screws required.

LOCK PODZ Refrigerator Lock available colors
LOCK PODZ Fridge Lock White

No Drilling No Screws

Enjoy safety and peace of mind with LOCK PODZ™

Unlock the many benefits of LOCK PODZ™ (no pun intended). There’s no limit to what you can lock! LOCK PODZ™ come with:

  • Increased safety in the home especially with young children and toddlers (perfect for a child protection lock)
  • Peace of mind when it comes to expensive or dangerous items
  • Protection of your refrigerator, cabinets, coolers, freezer, etc.
  • Multi-purpose uses
  • Durable hardware: can be used as a child safety lock but is strong enough to protect against teenagers and adults
  • Protection of sensitive items such as chocolate cake, ice-cream in the refrigerator
  • Easy installation

LOCK PODZ™ are durable and easy to install with a variety of uses:

  • Refrigerator lock
  • Mini fridge lock
  • Tool chest lock
  • Cabinet lock
  • Cupboard lock
  • File drawer lock
  • Cooler lock

The possibilities are endless!

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LOCK PODZ Refrigertor Lock Black on its own

Hassle-Free Installation

No professional installation required. LOCK PODZ™ refrigerator locks are extremely simple to install. Each lock comes with durable 3M VHB adhesive pads that have been tested for their strength. Our locks serve as a safe and efficient way to child-proof your home but are also strong enough to protect against adults.

Want to see the strength of 3M VHB Adhesive – You may remember this video
3M VHB Strength

Within minutes and with zero drilling or screws, you can easily secure your new pair of LOCK PODZ™ for your new refrigerator lock, cabinet lock, freezer lock, and more. Order a pair today and gain peace of mind when it comes to your children, home, or important items.